Mfangano Island

Paradise or Sacrifice

Search for paradise


The Mfangano Island is situated deep in Lake Victoria, fresh water Lake. The Island has got a population of about 20,000 to 30,000 people of Suba and Luo descent who are mostly fishermen.The inhabitants practice subsistence farming in supplement to fishing activities. People speak English, Swahili, Luo, and Suba — a language spoken nowhere in the world other than the shores of Lake Victoria. Due to the stunning beauty of the landscape and the generous people, Mfangano Island really appears as a paradise on earth. However, appearances are deceiving.

Risk the sacrifice


Takawiri, Ringiti, Remba - sister islands - and Mfangano Island itself are highly infected with HIV/AIDS with a prevalence estimated between 30% and 40%. The infection is a result of the increasing involvement of commercial sex with the fishing industry at the beaches along the lake shore. Women prostitute themselves in exchange for fish. Consequently the virus spreads wider and wider around the island. This leaves in turn many children parentless and hopeless. These children have no place to stay and don't get the daily needs, that is to say, shelters, food, education, clothes among others.