The Future

what is written in the stars

The big plan for the future is to switch from the home based program like it is at the moment, where the children either stay with relatives or single parents, to an actual center. Often those who stay with the children doesn't strictly use the provision for them. This is why the proposed center would be best for the program because it will make the management easier, more effective and cheaper.

Dining Hall


 The dining hall is a simple building with enough chairs and tables for 100 people.

Facilities needed:

→ 100 x chair á 9 USD 900 USD
→ 4 x table á 110 USD 440 USD
 Total: 1,340 USD



The kitchen will be separated into to 2 parts. On the one hand, there will be a secure store room with fridges, and on the other hand the actual kitchen, where food can be prepared and cooked. The following facilities are needed:

Facilities needed:

→ 2 x gas cook á 170 USD 340 USD
→ 3 x jiko (african stove) á 110 USD 330 USD
→ wall units 560 USD
→ 4,000 litres tank 780 USD
→ 2 x tea pot á 30 USD 60 USD
→ big cooking pans and pots 180 USD
 Total: 2,250 USD



The plan is to build a dormitory, where all the supported children find a place to sleep and have an own bed by themselves. 

Facilities needed:

→ 50 x bunk bed á 110 USD 5,500 USD
→ 100 x mattress á 20 USD 2,000 USD
→ 100 x mosquito net á 3 USD 300 USD
→ 200 x blanket á 3 USD 600 USD
→ 200 x bed sheets á 3 USD 600 USD
 Total: 9,000 USD



It's important to build bathrooms. At the moment nearly all children have to go to the bushes to do their business, and even worse, they have to bath in the Lake Victoria. This fresh water lake is responsible for a lot of diseases like schistosomiasis or cystitis among others.

The bathrooms will be separated into male and female ones. One bathroom block itself consists of 2 toilets and 2 shower cabins.

Income Generating Activities


To sustain the intended buildings with all its equipment and also to become less dependant on donors and well wishers, there are several income generating activities planned, wherefore there's also some equipment necessary.


Beauty salon: To run a small beauty salon, there is not much needed. A water boiler to get warm water to wash the hair, a comb and a scissor would be enough for the start.


Barber's shop: Not only women want to be handsome. Just some hair clippers are enough to prettify the men on Mfangano Island.


Charging station: The technical progress doesn't spare Mfangano Island. More and more people have mobile phones and computers. As a consequence. they need a place to charge them, because normally just a few people have electricity at their house/hut. For this idea the center would need a generator and some chargers


Video showing: A place where people could go to and watch videos or dvd's would be a great income generating activity, however, for the start an expensive one too, because without a screen and a dvd-player, it's unrealisable.